Angela Scott N.D.D., D.A. (Mancs)

I studied Fine art and Pottery at Manchester College of Art and Design, graduating in 1964.

Writing a thesis on Ivon Hitchens and corresponding with him for several years until his death, his work was to have an influence on my earlier paintings.

On graduating I became a studio potter and taught part time at the Wrexham College.

Since returning to painting and after illustrating a poetry book,my work has been exhibited throughout the country including RWS Bankside Gallery, London and the Air Gallery Dover Street, London. I have also held solo exhibitions and won several prizes for my paintings. I also enjoy being a member of the Borderland Visual Arts Group based in Oswestry Shropshire.

My paintings try to reflect the beauty of nature that surrounds us, pathways leading into the landscape or seascape, the flash of sunlight breaking through the clouds or trees or shining on water, creating a painting using richly layered watercolour washes building up a contemporary rhythmical landscape or seascape. Imagination takes over and the creativity begins, sometimes resulting in quite a different painting from the original observations which are taken from sketchbook studies carefully observed and taken back to the studio.

Awarded  by ASPIRE magazine   "The  Crystal Trophy for Fine Art 2014"